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Starfleet Canada (SC) have been founded on August 26th 2008 (2408) for Star Trek: On-line! We play Star Trek Adversaries and Timelines. The forums are now closed. Please, join our Discord at: Thank you!
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Premier Ministre

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PostSubject: WARNING FOR THE 4TH Fleet   Wed Dec 23 2009, 16:17

SpaceTigerCross wrote:
HAHA you deleted my account, it only proves that you are a shitty leader and cannot answer for that fact. I will enjoy destroying your fleet slowly. You already did that yourself.
(an e-mail from SpaceTigerCross)

SpaceTigerCross wrote:
So Frankie you deleted my account huh?

It only proves that you are a bad leader and cannot answer for your own inability to lead a fleet. Had you been any kind of leader you would have faced the accusations publicly and backed up your own words and position. But instead you just deleted the account, a cowardly way to go. This fleet has such good potential but instead under your leadership it is sinking while you are playing rearrange the forums game for a year.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post and any future posts do not reflect the position of the 4th fleet

We are now interrupting your TV program for a very important communiqué from STARFLEET CANADA GOVERNMENT and COMMAND COUNCIL.


Greetings, I am the Prime Minister Soval of Starfleet Canada and this communiqué is for SC *official* members, the Command Council, Military enlisted officer, all divisions of the fleet and their citizens & 4th Fleet wide WARNING.

Let me barge in here and present myself. I am the 2nd generations of the family line; 128th years old half Romulan/Vulcan. [REAL & UNREAL (n-game) LIFE FACTS] A child of two worlds; born in great secrecy from a Romulan mother and a Vulcan father in 2281. Soval has been privileged of having James T. Kirk, Hikaru Sulu & Pavel Chekov as Starfleet instructors from 2288 to 2293. In 2294, he graduated top of his class as Lt. Commander in the SFA game. In 2296, he founded a simulation group & granted a field commission as Captain of the USS Utopia NX-16986 on ICQ from 2296 to 2298 after he lost contacts with everyone that was part of his Star Trek starship simulation group. In August 98, he discovered that the Internet was full of "fleets" in the Late Interplay’s Starfleet Academy's game universe which by the way was one of the best players at this game. He then, joined a Federation fleet called UBF & was promoted to the rank of Admiral by the leader. Later in the same year in November he was kicked out of UBF; because he knew so little about fleet affairs. He was making free alliances with everyone, even UBF's enemies. December 26th 2298 he founded UFDF, USS Utopia was renamed has UFDFS Utopia and later on renamed again as UFDFS Columbia which this fleet was his home from 2298 to April 2304. UFDF has flourished for almost 5 years under my command before being removed in 2304 by force with a military coup, from 1 Canadian, two allied fleets and one evil Quebecer, most evil individual. He is the most unpleasant person he had ever met in his entire life. Always trying to be above all people, thinks he knew everything and that you were always wrong; most off all trying to discourage you. He is a very, I mean really troubled individual. He even aggress him at his school back than. Soval had suffered a trauma for that. An authorities report was filed. Soval decided to quit the on-line gaming community. He needed a long well deserved break from all this stuff. When he learned about the destruction of his second home world, he decided to come back in 2387. On August 26th 2407 he founded Starfleet Canada. He is once again making a difference in the Star Trek Universe on-line gaming.
Ah! Mr. Cross,

The fact is that I never really trusted you for your aggressively toward me. You've always been hostile toward me from the moment you joined. You know what, I have declared a fleet wide emergency & talks will be increased about 4th Fleet, whether you like it or NOT. This Christmas you've just created an Interstellar incident. Disclaimers or not, you just made a first step to as an act of aggression toward Starfleet Canada. We will keep a VERY close eye on you. Ignoring me or this fleet is a very bad idea. I am a very cunning half Romulan. I can sense if someone is correct or not just in chatting.

Your actions ARE or future actions WILL BE considered as act of war & veto will be decided whether or not a motion will or will NOT passed the Command Council for a declaration of War. Your little 4th Fleet is involved from the moment you posted you little site for recruitment.

Oh! Look! ! 10-11 years ago, I created & founded from my very GREAT mind the UNITED FEDERATION DEFENSE FORCE a world wide gaming fleet. It was my baby and no one were going to take out of service.. I’ve known a lot of people like you. I have years of experience in the fleet world. He doesn’t need to have been of dozens clans or fleets to gain experience and know how to deal with them. It takes one & only one fleet. I know these kind of individuals. At that time, many thought like you. and a particular fleet leader tried to wipe out UFDF and tried to put stick in my wheels. So, a Klingon fleet, and cunning one declared War and begun occupying UFDfF little Space we had.. The BJTF-UFDF war lasted an entire year & a half before finally coming to sense that NOTTHING and I mean absolutely nothing is going to stand in my way to make UFDF a WORLD LEADER in Diplomacy and Peacekeeping. UFDF has flourished for almost 5 years under my command before being removed by force with a military coup, from 1 Canadian, two allied fleets and one evil Quebecer, more evil individual than you. He is a very, I mean really troubled individual and far more than you.

I suggest you get help; you are a very troubled person. You hate me for my political views & from what I am. I am creating a fleet envisioned to be very similar to Canada & for the record, YES! I favour Quebec a lot if you really want to know. However, my love for Canada is NOT entirely gone. That is why I have posted another idea that will favour the rest of Canada. Starfleet Quebec idea created some tensions to those who have political strong beliefs about Quebec sovereignty. That is not what I want to create. Yes, Quebec is unique and need a place where we can gather and speak in our native language. The division will be independent. However, not above SC Government or myself; they will be responsible for their own recruiting division. Their mission: Recruit all Quebecers of 17 minimum years of age to be join us. If it were entirely up to me, I would prefer to set the minimum age to join the entire fleet of 21 years old. Just because of past experience in the fleet business. Starfleet Quebec will need fluent speaking bilingual for her internal leadership (Minister).A minimum age of 23 years old. As for the second in command (Admiral) it will need the same; except a minimum age of between 19 & 21 years old. To help me alleviate the work and translate everything with me in our MAIN & internal SUB-Forum. My great Mr. Vulcan Salak has designed special avatars just us.

Many questions were immediately brought up by one of our newest Cadets. Cadet Ryan Risk. As his first question: Yes, It will be Minister (CO) with a council seat and a XO an Admiral to help him/her out.

Next question, No, you will not be limited to your only area of Canada, if you have friends in other parts of Canada or even the world. You can play with them anytime you want. However, like for SF QC; you will be responsible for recruiting all BC, MB, AB, ON citizens and so on for e very each one area divisions;. Your division CO, will NOT be above me or SC law. There were other questions regarding this. But, I don’t remember them; I’ll have to look them up. Cadet Risk you should bring them up here.

Mr. Cross, do you have ANY idea how complex & complicated it is to CREATE’, CRAFT & PUT every piece of my envisioned fleet together? You know nothing about me, whatsoever. Your ideas were good. However, I want another UNIQUE fleet. I want to do a fleet in my vision. Just like I had envisioned UFDF back in 1998 & I was one of the players at SFA of my time. However, over the years; the gaming community has changed with all the *cheaters* out there. The Star Trek community has also changed. Many fleets that I knew are gone. However, I will be looking at my old friendly ties that I had in Diplomacy while I was in command of UFDF. Of course, there is the question of my health problems too. Further more, I am also doing a highly classified contract job at the moment.

I will create that, let me create what I want, let my ideas flows. It is only Logical, because, I set the whole thing in motion, I took seanbt87 wish & gave it life, to put it on paper. Then, we’ll do ask our *official* fleet Government, enlisted officers, military members & other divisions of the fleet & their citizens what they have in mind, what they like or dislikes. Our community will be treated just the right way. & you my friend will NOT be part of this historic moment in time & subspace time continuum. New ranks will be designed as well. By the way, Starfleet Canada is NO MORE giving giveaways FREE ranking

I know, it takes time; I only ask the members and citizens of Starfleet Canada to be patient. If you are like me and really want this thing to work. I know that all of you will stand by and for me. I also know that I can count on you and that I can trust you. To every STARFLEET CANADA members & citizens if you receive Private Messages from Mr. Cross or any communication at all from 4th Fleet. Please, advise any of the Command Council of SC right away.

I am Francois Goupil-Labellle, Frank G. Labelle, and I am Baaaaaaaaaaack! Most of my old enemies, NAP, MPP and the great alliance fleets that were ALLIED with us known me as Head-Admiral Frank of the late UNITED FEDERATION DEFENSE FORCE and her great & only UNIQUE motto “PEACE IN THE UNIVERSE” and my name has been crafted and changed over the evolution of UFDF back then. I am wondering if they are still alive… Does anyone know?

Because, send the word out… I want an ALLIANCE treaty with UFDF & their allies. I want this NOW above all other fleets out there. It will my first Diplomatic envoy mission.

Thank you everyone for listening and understanding.

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Razz

We are now returning to the original TV program that was on before this interruption.

- Soval -

« Un jour, quelqu'un m'a dit que le temps était un prédateur qui traquait tous nos vies.
Mais, je crois plutôt que le temps est un compagnon qui nous suit dans notre voyage, et nous rappelle de chérir tous les moments, parce qu'ils ne reviendront jamais. »
- Capitaine Jean-Luc Picard -

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