Starfleet Canada

Starfleet Canada (SC) have been founded on August 26th 2008 (2408) for Star Trek: On-line! We play Star Trek Adversaries and Timelines. The forums are now closed. Please, join our Discord at: Thank you!
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 Starfleet Canada from the begining...

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PostSubject: Starfleet Canada from the begining...   Wed Aug 27 2008, 04:07

This is the fleet History of the most greatest fleet of the Universe, after UFDF of course! Present life year is 2008. STO in game present year is 2408.

August 11th 2008 (2408): FrankieDoo, also known as Soval is making forums to get this fleet organized. STO Canadian Fleet temporary forums are created:

August 16th 2008 (2408): Since this fleet was getting no where and no one seems to want to get going. FrankieDoo is taking command of the fleet.

August 26th 2008 (2408): Starfleet Canada is founded by a Council vote.

August 27th 2008 (2408): New forums, much easier and simpler to administrate are created:

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Starfleet Canada from the begining...
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