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Starfleet Canada (SC) have been founded on August 26th 2008 (2408) for Star Trek: On-line! We play Star Trek Adversaries and Timelines. The forums are now closed. Please, join our Discord at: Thank you!
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Premier Ministre

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PostSubject: Recruiting   Wed May 05 2010, 15:06

We're about to hold our first meetings since reconstruction attempt 3. I'll do general dates and exceptions to determine which days would be best for us to hold down our reunions. First, I'll do them 3 times a week. Then, we may decide to take it down to a more suitable number.

Since I have stopped my translation work; people are starting to look up at me and it is nice to know that the fleet is NOT lead some other guy/girl and at one point they're going away with half my fleet members. We do not have the graphic experiences & HTML knowledge that other fleets have. But, It doesn't matter. WE have Star Trek Online PC. I'm looking forward to STO 360.

The game & the fleet is ALL I need to make it work. All the other side things come in a low priority order. Once I do have a reasonable member count and that the fleet is stable enough. I'll resume my translation work. I hear that many things are still not translated properly.

We do have our own forums even if we are not paying to use it. As for the fleet forums translations, I'll finish them once I will be able to put time in that. It's a lot of work and requires a lot more resources from my body to be able to manage all these words.

I'm happy to welcome my newest members to the fleet. Starfleet Canada is the place to be, If you want to see this fleet flourished, her unique abilities in aiding other "strangers - non-fleet members "to accomplish their missions, goals and Starfleet career.

I have many friends in the game, more that I can count. I'm absolutely sure that I have more friends than anyone else and beyond the count my fleet members.

We, at Starfleet Canada, we defend the weak, our allies & offer aid to anyone who asks. We are not small minded people who only care for themselves or these anti-team, anti-social people of other kind.

We are the FIRST fleet to call ourselves, EXTREME CASUAL. I don't know if people read me, but anyway. This is a good speech & is the truth. Both English & French are used as Starfleet Canada's official languages. However, we do NOT impose French to those who do not speak. SC members have rights here; we respect them. The fleet bank loaning program. We loan items to our members to help them achieve their goals. Consider the item you have taken that it is Starfleet Canada property and you do have to return once used or that you find something better. If you do not take it back; you will need to find something similar as replacement. We can always speak about it too to discuss both parties terms or we'll just give it to you. I haven't decided on a way to compensate the void we create when we take an item and don't return.

The SC joining methods have changed and are better now. The "stupid" joining form as one once said before which I'll avoid naming has been modified and adapted for people who hate "order" & prefer chaos over order.

I bring order to chaos and is a good thing.

- Soval -

« Un jour, quelqu'un m'a dit que le temps était un prédateur qui traquait tous nos vies.
Mais, je crois plutôt que le temps est un compagnon qui nous suit dans notre voyage, et nous rappelle de chérir tous les moments, parce qu'ils ne reviendront jamais. »
- Capitaine Jean-Luc Picard -

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