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Starfleet Canada (SC) have been founded on August 26th 2008 (2408). A Federation fleet created for the newly upcoming Star Trek Game which is called Star Trek: On-line! Please, feel free to look around and enjoy your stay. with us!
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Starfleet Canada: Condition Green ACTIVE & PLAYING STAR TREK ONLINE!




The recruitment is everyone responsibility. PLAY THE GAME! SPEND TIME WITH US! CHAT IN-GAME! RECRUIT! EXCHANGE! ASSIST! DO MISSIONS TOGETHER! GREAT GAME EXPERIENCE! It would help us grow. Go to our thread in STO forums to bring us up to the front page! COME PLAY WITH US NOW!


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 Work in progress

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PostSubject: Work in progress   Thu Jan 08 2009, 17:50

Greetings fellow travelers from other fleets, clans or Galaxy,

I would like to make an announcement that the work will soon continue. I have been trying to find better ways to work and I have. I hooked up my computer to the TV. Now, I can work directly from my lazy-boy chair. That doesn't mean that I'll buy STO on the PC. I stick to my XBOX 360. It's easy with the controller and more fun. I rarely use MSN that I gave to the fleet. However, I am always on-line on there. Perhasp, I will give you the msn that is LOCKED with my XBOX LIVE account that I cannot change e-mail ever with this FUSION Accounts thing. That is why that it needs to stay secret for now. I don't know how many times I've changed hotmails. I can no longer change e-mail with this fusion.

If you need to contact me directly, there is this e-mail:

I respond within 1 to 3 days. I have been away because, I am looking for a job, most of all looking to raise money for my residential project & I'm into lottery in hopes to win the jackpot. I am also thinking of writing a book aobut my life, my illness and me or a Sci-Fi one. My close friend/girl suggested that I write both at the same time and put elements together. I could be the hero. A autobiographic/Sci-Fi/Adventure book.

Still thinking...

If I write books, I will leave the fleet and I will not come back in the Fleet/clan world.

Thank you for listening. If you have any comments, please feel free to express yourselves.


(French version - coming soon -)

- Soval -

« Un jour, quelqu'un m'a dit que le temps était un prédateur qui traquait tous nos vies.
Mais, je crois plutôt que le temps est un compagnon qui nous suit dans notre voyage, et nous rappelle de chérir tous les moments, parce qu'ils ne reviendront jamais. »
- Capitaine Jean-Luc Picard -

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Work in progress
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