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Starfleet Canada (SC) have been founded on August 26th 2008 (2408) for Star Trek: On-line! We play Star Trek Adversaries and Timelines. The forums are now closed. Please, join our Discord at: Thank you!
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Premier Ministre

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PostSubject: - IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Read first / À lire en premier - INFORMATION IMPORTANTES -   Thu Apr 02 2009, 17:58

If you wish to join SC, please have the following information ready;

and post it in a NEW topic in the following format using english or french. We accept both. We will NOT accept incomplete joining forms. Further, I stated before long back that we are no longer doing giveaways of free ranks by your number of postings. That is part of fleet reconstruction and attention to visitors or other fleets. A fleet member of another fleet can't have our ranks to their profiles. Promotions will be given upon my or your CO recommendations to me.


This is entirely optional; you can represent the fleet with these letters SCS on your ship's hull. USS= United Star Ship. SCS= Starfleet Canada Ship.

Your STO handle is the name that you have in-game, like this: Frankie@FrankieDoo

Skype is preferably required, if we need to direct chat with you. As for IN-GAME chat; perhaps, we will use TeamSpeak or maybe Cryptic Studios own in-game voice-chat if there is one.

Thank you.


Si vous désirez joindre SC; s'il vous plait, veuillez remplir les informations suivantes. Postez-les dans un NOUVEAU sujet dans le format suivant en utilisant l'anglais ou le français. Nous acceptons les deux. Comme je l'ai dit plutôt au début de ce nouveau babillard, nous n'offrons plus les promotions gratuites par le nombre d'articles que vous avez rédigés. Ceci fait partie de la reconstruction et à l'attention des membres d'une autre flotte ou de visiteurs. Ces personnes ne peuvent pas avoir nos rangs dans leurs profils. Les promotions seront données sur mes ou selon les recommandations de la part de votre officier supérieur faites à moi.


Ceci est entièrement optionel si vous ovulez représenter la flotte en mettant ces lettres SCS sur la coque de votre vaisseau. USS = United Star Ship. SCS= Starfleet Canada Ship.

Votre nom STO est celui que vous avez dans le jeu, comme ceci: Frankie@FrankieDoo

Skype est préférablement requis, si nous avons besoins de clavarder directement avec vous. TeamSpeak sera peut-être notre moyen de communication à l'intérieur du jeu ou nous utiliserons le programme clavardage de Cryptic Studios, 's'il en conçoive un.


Name / Nom:
STO Handle / Nom STO:
Fleet Department expertise or career choice? / Votre choix de carrière dans un département de la flotte:
Ship Category; Science, Escort or Cruiser / Catégorie de votre vaisseau; Science, Escorte ou Croiseur:
Previous fleets / Flottes antérieurs:
Time Zone / Fuseau horaire:
Country / Pays:
PC or/ou XBOX 360:
Reason for leaving / Raisons de votre départ:
Did you read our Rules of Conduct, the Charter & General Orders / Avez-vous lus nos Règles de Conduites, la Charte et les Ordres Généraux:
Please indicate in which official language you wish us to contact you / Veuillez, S.V.P, indiquer dans quelle langue officielle vous voulez qu'on communique avec vous:
Why do you want to join SC / Pourquoi voulez-vous joindre SC:

- Soval -

« Un jour, quelqu'un m'a dit que le temps était un prédateur qui traquait tous nos vies.
Mais, je crois plutôt que le temps est un compagnon qui nous suit dans notre voyage, et nous rappelle de chérir tous les moments, parce qu'ils ne reviendront jamais. »
- Capitaine Jean-Luc Picard -

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PostSubject: Re: - IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Read first / À lire en premier - INFORMATION IMPORTANTES -   Fri Dec 04 2009, 17:43

bourne077 wrote:

"I __________________________ do solemnly swear to abide by all the rules as set forth by Starfleet Canada. As I take the "Officer's Oath" I hereby vow my loyalty and allegiance to the fleet and members of Starfleet Canada. I pledge to uphold honor and virtue towards all fleet members and at no time shall I engage in activities that would bring harm to any fleet members. Such as, but not limited to, defamation of character to other members, theft of personal property of any kind, sabotage of equipment, partaking in illegal actions against fleet members, the damage or destruction of a members ship. I accept responsibility for my actions in fleet maneuvers and outside the fleet. I will act according to regulations while I am a member of Starfleet Canada and I understand the ramifications of my actions should it be found that I am guilty without a doubt."

Signed _______________________ Date _________________________________

Every officer will need to fill out and abide by the code of conduct for Starfleet Canada
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Close friend of the Fleet

Number of posts : 117
Location : Ontario, Canada
Registration date : 2009-04-05

PostSubject: Re: - IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Read first / À lire en premier - INFORMATION IMPORTANTES -   Thu Dec 10 2009, 15:25

If you haven't already, please take the time to do this. I know it seems like a lot but consider this your interest in this Fleet and agreement to play under this banner.

This is going to be an official requirement and failure to abide by this could cost you your membership. So take 5 minutes and fill out the form and Code of Conduct. It's doesn't matter if you have been with us for awhile or if you are new, we need 100% participation on this.

Please let us know if you have any questions and thank you for your commitment to this.
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Premier Ministre
Premier Ministre

Number of posts : 346
Location : Gatineau, Québec, Canada
Registration date : 2008-08-27

PostSubject: Re: - IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Read first / À lire en premier - INFORMATION IMPORTANTES -   Mon Jan 18 2010, 13:08


If you are interested in becoming an officer in Starfleet Canada you MUST read these rules and agree to them. You MUST also follow forum rules.

The United Federation of Planets Charter

We come together under the Flag of the United Federation of Planets to build a member driven fleet. This Fleet will be built on the idea that at all levels, the needs of the one represent the needs of the whole . Each member will pledge to the values of the Fleet and will take an active part in its growth. Our Fleet values have been created to ensure that we will excel beyond that of the status quo. These values will drive us and forge us into a well functioning Fleet. Honor, Integrity, and Excellence form the core of the values.

Honor those in positions above us giving them respect for their position and understand that to disagree does not always mean not to follow. Honor those with lower ranks giving them the dignity that they deserve as part of the whole and to not do so hurts the Fleet. Honor others in the universe understanding that ones character reflects the character of the Fleet.

Integrity can be explained as a internal desire to do what is right even when what is wrong is easier or more profitable. We here at Starfleet Canada expect its members to want to follow the guidelines and rules set forth to by the Fleet; having an understanding that the rules are provided with the greater good of the whole in mind; having a desire to commit oneself to the whole and its standards key to our success.

Excellence in all we do. We understand that we are here to play a game and have fun. StarFleet Canada has goals and dreams and taking dedication beyond just fun may be asked. Joining the Fleet everyone must pledge to these values and by being in the Fleet these are essential to keep in mind.

"We the life forms of the United Federation of Planets determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, and to reaffirm faith in the fundamental rights of sentient beings, in the dignity and worth of all life forms, in the equal rights of members of planetary systems large and small, and to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of interstellar law can be maintained, and to promote social progress and better standards of living on all worlds..."

So Say We All

Starfleet Canada General Orders

General Order 1
As the right of each sentient species to live in accordance with its normal cultural evolution is considered sacred; no Starfleet Canada personnel may interfere with the normal and healthy development of alien life and culture. Such interference includes introducing superior knowledge, strength, or technology to a world whose society is incapable of handling such advantages wisely. Starfleet Canada personnel may not violate this Prime Directive, even to save their lives and/or their ship, unless they are acting to right an earlier violation or a contamination of said culture be it accidental or purposeful. This directive takes precedence over any and all other considerations, and carries with it the highest moral obligation. In accordance with General Order 17, or if an act meant to save the species from annihilation due to either internal or external forces, can be accomplished without direct intervention/interaction with said species, then it would be considered in the species’, officer’s, SC’s and Federation’s interest to do so. Further more, any member of the SC caught defying this basic "Prime Directive" shall be immediately be relieved of duty and subject to court marshal, except in instances above general order outlines. The consequences of violating the "Prime Directive" can range to time in the brig, to duty suspension, to expulsion. If the accused is a member of another fleet or foreign power, could result in war, blockade, economic sanctions or forcible detention of the violator.

General Order 2
No Starfleet Canada personnel shall unnecessarily use force, either collectively or individually, against members of the United Federation of Planets, their duly authorized representatives, spokespersons, or designated leaders, or members of any sentient non-member race, for any reason whatsoever (with the exception of self defense of ship & crew or another member of the Fleet, or our assets).

General Order 3
The sovereignty of each Federation member being respected in all things, Starfleet Canada personnel shall observe any and all statutes, laws, ordinances, and rules of governance currently in effect within the jurisdiction of a member planet. Violators of such ordinances will be subject to such punishments or corrections as shall be determined by local governmental bodies/ and/or the SCC Council, and/or a court-marshal. Ignorance cannot be claimed as all personnel are required to acquaint themselves with local custom prior to making contact.

General Order 4
If contact is made with hitherto undiscovered intelligent life-forms, under no circumstance shall SC personnel, either by word or deed, inform said life-forms that worlds other than their own or intelligent life-forms other than their own exist outside the confines of their own space. The discovery of either warp or non-warp capable species should be reported immediately to the SCC Council and exploration departments.

General Order 5
In cases of extreme emergency, Federation special representatives (I.E. members of our allied fleets) are empowered to assume emergency powers to deal with a condition or circumstance that is deemed hazardous to the welfare of Federation citizenry. Within the scope of these emergency powers, duly authorized out-of-fleet personnel may assume temporary command of SC vessels and/or personnel to deal with the emergency. SC personnel must submit to their authority for the duration of the crisis.

General Order 6
The request for emergency assistance from Federation citizenry demands unconditional priority from SC personnel. Such personnel shall immediately respond to said request, postponing all other activities.

General Order 7
SC personnel are not permitted to travel to Talos IV - the space around the planet may be used by SC personnel and vessels. SC accepts no responsibility for personnel who travel down to Talos IV.

General Order 8
Upon sighting a warship within SC patrolled space and identifying it as belonging to a foreign power, the commander of the SC vessel shall determine the reason(s) for that craft's presence in the vicinity. If there is conclusive evidence that the vessel has hostile intentions, the SC vessel may take appropriate action to safeguard the lives and property of Federation members. In such cases, the commander may use his discretion in deciding whether to use force to disable the hostile vessel. However, care should be taken to avoid unnecessary loss of sentient life. If possible the SC captain must disable the enemy vessel rather than destroy it if it is possible - although no legal action shall be taken against the captain if the vessel is destroyed.

General Order 9
No commander of a Starfleet vessel, military or auxiliary, may grant political asylum to any individual without first being given express permission to do so by a representative of the Federation or SC government.

General Order 10
If there exists eyewitness testimony by senior officers or similar verifiable evidence that an individual has violated the Prime Directive, said individual may be relieved of duty by a duly sworn representative of the Federation government and placed under immediate arrest. The governmental representative shall then take such action as he deems necessary to minimize the results of the violation. Should the individual be a rank officer of the SCC Council, they will be stripped of rank/duty and replaced by another officer chosen by the council until at least such time as the matter has been resolved.

General Order 11
SC officers with the rank of captain or higher are granted full authority to negotiate conditions of agreement and/or treaties with legal representatives of non-Federation planets. In such circumstances, the acting officer carries de facto powers of a Federation Special Ambassador. Any and all agreements arranged in this manner are subject to approval by the Chief of SC Operations and the Prime Minister of the SC.

General Order 12
SC officers may violate Neutral Zone areas as designated by treaty only if such action is required to save the lives of Federation citizens under conditions of extreme emergency.

General Order 13
Except when orders state to the contrary, SC personnel will respect the territorial integrity of independent planetary systems and governments, and will not violate territorial space belonging to such worlds.

General Order 14
SC personnel may intervene in local planetary affairs to restore general order and to secure the lives and property of Federation citizens only upon receiving a direct order to do so from a civilian official with the title of governor or higher, unless due to circumstances the planetary official is unavailable and a civilian representative has taken their place.

General Order 15
While escort personnel are not always available, no officer of flag rank shall travel into a potentially hazardous area without suitable armed escort if at all possible.

General Order 16
SC personnel may extend technological, medical, or other scientific assistance to a member of a previously unrecognized sentient species only if such assistance in no way compromises the Prime Directive or the security of the Federation or SC.

General Order 17
SC vessel captains are to consider the lives of their crew members as sacred. In any potentially hostile situation, the captain will place the lives of his crew above the fate of his ship.

General Order 18
"Upon being accused of treason against the Federation, SC personnel may demand a trial conducted by the Federation judiciary". If the individual is acquitted, the SCC Council shall have no further legal recourse against the accused in said matter.

General Order 19
Except in times of declared emergency, SC personnel may under no circumstances convey personnel or material between planets or planetary systems when there is reason to believe that said personnel or material may be used to conduct aggression. This order applies to independent worlds within the Federation as well as to Federation members.

General Order 20
Officers and personnel of the SC may employ whatever means necessary to prevent the possession, transportation, sale, or commercial exchange of sentient beings held against their wishes within the boundaries of Federation space.

General Order 21
No SC personnel, either officer or enlisted, may offer his services to an independent foreign government without the express authorization of the SCC Council, and then only for an ally. Neutral factions may be considered if the services could gain SC favor.

General Order 22
As the rights of individual expression and free discourse are considered sacred, SC personnel may debate the policies and decisions of their governmental representatives privately at any time, to the extent that such discussions do not violate their command oath or specific duties to the Federation per these General Orders or SC regulations.

General Order 23
When verifiable proof is presented to the senior commanding officer of a SC vessel or post that a Federation representative may currently be acting or have acted in the past to violate the Prime Directive, the officer may relieve said representative of office, then assume the full powers of that office (vessel or station only, council members are to be decided by the remaining council) pending a full investigation by governmental officials.

General Order 24
If a commanding officer deems that an individual or group of individuals pose a threat to SC personnel or Federation civilians, he may take any action deemed necessary (including force) to secure the safety of those threatened

General Order 25
Civilian and military personnel taken into custody by SC personnel during times of extreme emergency or war, shall be accorded proper treatment consistent with their rank or station, insofar as such treatment does not compromise the security of the Federation or SC.

General Order 26
Industrial or informational espionage/sabotage, the attacking or destruction of SC spacecraft, protected planets, personnel, space stations, outposts or starbases, joining combat against a SC force while engaged with another fleet, being in an alliance with an enemy and actively defending their territory, spamming our space with unintelligible, illegal or pestering messages, making first contact with a prime directive protected species in our space, or "backdooring" or "Trojan Horsing" an enemy into our defended space which our enemies couldn't normally penetrate or attack are considered acts of war against the SC and will be retaliated against.

General Order 27
No member of SC shall engage a member of another fleet or his assets without consent form the Starfleet Canada Command Council or a member with the rank of Fleet-Captain or higher. Acts of full scale war are only to be consented by no less then 4/5's of the SCCC council, while acts of espionage maybe approved by the Head of Intelligence, acts of internal security can be approved by the SCC council, and escorts, seizures, and removal of peoples or equipment maybe approved by the head of security or the council.

General Order 28
If any member or group of members is attacked by an unknown group of hostiles, they can act in anyway necessary in order to protect themselves or others from harms way, with the respect to the other G.O.'s - with the exemption of G.O. 27 - even if the defence of your self/selves may lead to a full scale war. This doesn't apply to certain missions, where discretion is the better part of valor.

All Starfleet Canada personnel agree to abide by the above general orders - under the pain of court-marshal and its decisions. A court-Marshall can hand out the following punishments to a breaker of one or more of the General Orders

Extreme Punishment
-Lengthily suspension from duty (I.E. unable to access Fleet Resources, shipyard or starbase facilities)
-War (council & department heads vote)
-Expulsion from our patrolled space

Medium level punishment
- A fine of resources or services
- Weeklong suspension from duty
- Cold war (Council & department heads vote)
- Temporary expulsion from our patrolled space

Low-Level punishment
- A small fine of resources or services
- Day or several hour long suspensions from duty
- Escort to the edge of our space

In a Court-Marshall an independent, third party shall be contacted to hold the position as judge and both sides can represent their cases to the judge.

- Soval -

« Un jour, quelqu'un m'a dit que le temps était un prédateur qui traquait tous nos vies.
Mais, je crois plutôt que le temps est un compagnon qui nous suit dans notre voyage, et nous rappelle de chérir tous les moments, parce qu'ils ne reviendront jamais. »
- Capitaine Jean-Luc Picard -

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PostSubject: Re: - IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Read first / À lire en premier - INFORMATION IMPORTANTES -   

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