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 ***Full Fleet Roster & Chain of Command***

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Admiral Roddenberry

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PostSubject: ***Full Fleet Roster & Chain of Command***   Fri Apr 03 2009, 02:52

Below is the entire list of Fleet Personel and the current chain of command. It will be updated from time to time to reflect any and all changes in the fleets Departmental Rosters.

SCC Council Members and Department Heads

Prime Minister: Soval

Over-see's all Departments as Commander in Chief

Fleet Admiral: Roddenberry - On leave -
Department of Defence & Intelligence Commanding Officer

Admiral: Bradley-Tamas - On leave -
Dept. of Science & Technology Commanding Officer Dept. of Research & Development Commanding Officer

Caotain: Riker
Dept. of Recruitment & Training (Academy) Commanding Officer

Prime Minister: Soval
Department of Diplomacy & Trade Commanding Officer

Fleet Captain: Valson - Resigned - - Vacant open position -
Dept. of Exploration & Stellar Cartography Commanding Officer

Commander: Idaris
Dept. of Medicine (Medical) Commanding Officer

Department XO's (no specific order)

Dept. of Diplomacy & Trade XO
- Vacant - Open -

Dept. of Science & Technology XO
Vacant - Open -

Dept. of Defence & Intelligence XO
- Vacant - Open -

Dept. of Recruitment & Training XO
- Vacant - Open -

Dept. of Exploration & Stellar Cartography XO
- Vacant - Open -

Dept. of Research & Development XO
- Vacant - Open -

Dept. of Medicine XO
- Vacant - Open -

Continued Fleet Roster and Chain of Command (no specific order)

Commander: Fencer8
Lt. Commander
Lt. Commander
Lt. Commander MisterG
Lt. Commander
Lt. Commander Alexcfr

The Full Fleet Roster is a work in progress and will be completed at a later date.

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***Full Fleet Roster & Chain of Command***
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